Winnie Pooh Russian ʕ •́؈•̀ ₎

I always wondered the difference about Winnie the Pooh in America and the one in Russia. So I went to Youtube and looked it up. So far I have fallen in love with the Russian «Винни-Пух»! They may be the same as American first episode; but I love the Russki version just a bit better! 🙂


Can I…

Can I…

Can I jump, Can I fly,

Can I look up at the sky,

Can I touch the clouds, or bathe with the sun,

Can I soar with the wind, or fall lightly with the snowflakes,

can I go up as evaporation, form clouds,

Oh can I please sleep with the stars and shine bright on the crescent moon?

Can I live that fantasy high in the sky…

Can I…


This my greatest work, and I just love reading it over and over again. The story is sad but it does speak the truth, because somewhere where you are, there is someone who faces the same struggles as written down here and I just hope more people will read this and share it to more people because it sends a message down in the end that could make a difference for someone…
By: Mara Mandernach
Free Verse Poem:

                                  ✖☜ Misunderstood ☞✖

Picture yourself feeling up against the world, its eyes staring at you.
You feel as it is stripping you of all your values,
you walk by and know the people are there;
judging you from your hair to your toes, to the way you look,
to the way you walk… Constantly being judged,
in class you find it hard to even sit down without someone already there to mock you.
No matter how much you wish that today they will just stop and go on
they still come to torture you as if you have recovered from yesterday.
Their mean words, their ignorant minds keeping the weak down while they rise.
Lunch room has no ending to the madness;
finding a seat that will accept you is one of the many things,
all the while trying to dodge spaghetti and milk.
By this time you have had enough of the day and only look forward to going home,
if you have a home to go to, worry sets in anew
you could be going home to a family that has no heart to even ask why you have bruises or scratches on your face,
how they seem so “busy” at the moment,
it seems to you its only what they say every day
as if having a child probably was the biggest mistake of their life.
If they don’t have the time to ask them how their day was or even have any sympathy for them, and instead have the nerve to say your fine get over it!
You picture yourself up against the world, its eyes staring at you.
So you sit outside alone wondering when this life will change…
Sometimes you could come to a point and realize that life won’t change unless you try.
its what you hear a lot, that you have control over your feelings
So what do you do , what do you see as you
Picture yourself up against the world, its eyes staring back at you.
❣~A Writing To All Those In Struggle: Never Ever Give Up  It’s Your Turn To Make A Change~❣


Hello there bloggers world! This is my first post as you can see! Titling it “Noob” because obviously noob stands for a newby to something and that is what I am for blogging. In blogging I may just type random, silly, opinionated, geeky, or photography things. Another thing, I apologize if I am bad at using punctuation poorly, grammar’s a bit dodgy, or if I am completely just bizarre to you! (Well the last one I’m not really sorry for I’m bizarre in my own fun ways :D)! I also will probably post some of my writing’s which you can also find in I post most of my writings, though more of them are poetry, haiku, etc. I do have some good writings though on wattpad I just need to finish them haha! Some of the things about me and some of my post I will make, for example, geeky category is Doctor Who! I absolutely love Doctor Who; I watch it every day no matter how many times I’ve watched an episode I never get tired of it. But before I geek out, I just wanted to let anyone who will read or follow me that there could be a post about my geeky side. Some other things I will post are maybe Typed art. Which I will get more into later but for now I’m still on this intro. Well I think I’ve probably said everything I need to say for an intro.. Hope you like my blog 🙂