Mes Amis Bizarres

Like I said I love to post pictures! And so I did as you can see ^^^^. These are my how you say in French  ‘Mes amis bizarres’. Translation = my weird friends 😀 (and people call me weird haha)! We do fun things in google hangouts like draw or put stickers on each other (proudly started by me)! We do fun things like bring other people from other countries in once in a while, a guest you could say, like my favorite United Kingdom friend down below:

Had some great laughs that night! We also had a couple more guest in our chats from other countries such as the U.K., Siberia, etc. Basically we just laugh our heads off and it’s fun to do it with these people, because one thing for sure is that you never quite know what will happen. Once the chat starts there’s no turning back!!


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