Gay-Marriage legalized? FABULOUS!!

Gay-Marriage legalized? FABULOUS!!

“Supreme Court has ruled that same­sex couples have the constitutional right to

You read right. It is June 26, 2015, in Washington D.C. where the Supreme

Court has just legalized same­sex marriage for people all around the country of

the United States of America! But before this event could take place; as it is

known for many years allowing gay couple’s marriage has been a controversial

situation for years. How gay­marriage was legalized was from 5­4 ruling in

Obergefell v. Hodges declares that the 14th Amendment requires all states to

perform same­sex marriages and recognize same­sex marriages performed in

other states. What happen was gay couple were requesting the right to be on his

husband’s death certificate but in Ohio they refused.

This is not the first time gay couples were rejected as many others have had

the same situation that have been taken to court. Finally the Supreme court make

a decision to whether or not to legalize same­sex marriage. As there out outside

the supreme court there were a myriad crowds of people protesting for gay­right

marriages. Many waiting for the Supreme Court Decision On June 26th, 2015 in

Washington D.C., United States, where the Supreme court made their decision

and voted to legalize gay­marriage. A day to reminisce forever to all of us.

My opinion in this event is I have always supported gay marriage. I believe

that there is nothing wrong with gay­marriage at all. It’s bassically two people

that are in love with each and just want eternal happiness just like a straight

couple. And oddly enough I am friends with a lot of people from different

countries and where I am here to who are gay. I remember one time though when

we were going to see my cousins conformation at Sac City, in Iowa. The bishop

was there and usually at this time he makes a speech towards the students, what

happened in the speech was more shocking for me in my point of view as he

starts saying that it is a sin to be gay and marrying the same sex is wrong, and

that you will go to hell for it… What made it worse was there was a gay person

who was in the room that does a lot of volunteer work for the church itself. It

surprised me because I believe that in my faith God wants us to love all and treat

everyone with kindness. Hearing that from a holy person with hateful words was

insidious to me.


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