Hello there bloggers world! This is my first post as you can see! Titling it “Noob” because obviously noob stands for a newby to something and that is what I am for blogging. In blogging I may just type random, silly, opinionated, geeky, or photography things. Another thing, I apologize if I am bad at using punctuation poorly, grammar’s a bit dodgy, or if I am completely just bizarre to you! (Well the last one I’m not really sorry for I’m bizarre in my own fun ways :D)! I also will probably post some of my writing’s which you can also find in http://www.wattpad.com/user/Zimmy21 I post most of my writings, though more of them are poetry, haiku, etc. I do have some good writings though on wattpad I just need to finish them haha! Some of the things about me and some of my post I will make, for example, geeky category is Doctor Who! I absolutely love Doctor Who; I watch it every day no matter how many times I’ve watched an episode I never get tired of it. But before I geek out, I just wanted to let anyone who will read or follow me that there could be a post about my geeky side. Some other things I will post are maybe Typed art. Which I will get more into later but for now I’m still on this intro. Well I think I’ve probably said everything I need to say for an intro.. Hope you like my blog 🙂


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